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Types of Bonsai Trees Best for the Beginner

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bonsai trees

Yesterday, Cathy Isom filled you in about pruning and care of your Bonsai tree. In today’s program, she lets you know the types of Bonsai trees best for the beginner.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Types of Bonsai Trees Best for the Beginner

Bonsai is essentially the art of taking regular-size trees, and shrinking them to fit into a container. See what type of bonsai tree is best for you.

Japanese Maple Bonsai

One of the most adaptable outdoor bonsai trees, the Japanese Maple, is a hardy yet beautiful deciduous tree with numerous cultivars that present a wealth of colorful fall foliage. This tree likes sunny spots, but will struggle with midday heat and might do well to be in light shade during those hours.

Cotoneaster Dammeri Bonsai

Rock Cotoneaster is a great bonsai tree for beginners, or for anybody who might be intimidated by growing a bonsai. It features attractive leaf displays that change colors with the seasons; pretty white, pink, or red springtime blossoms; and bright red berries in the fall. In temperate growing zones, this low-growing shrub can be placed in full sun or part shade, but it does require protection from frost and extreme heat (though some cultivars will do better in hotter climates).

Indian Fig Laurel Bonsai/Pinterest

A stunning tree specimen in the Indian Fig Laurel.  This is another variety that is great for beginners—it recovers readily from pruning mistakes (mistakes that might permanently stunt other types of bonsai trees). It is a fabulous indoor plant due to its tropical origins and preference for bright, indirect light. In temperate climates it can be planted outdoors in partial shade or even sun. It has shallow root systems, and its trunk can be sculpturally twisted, which lends itself nicely to many breathtaking bonsai styles.

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