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(ACES) — Coronavirus or no coronavirus, Alabama Extension is always in the business of serving people. Because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Extension teams are adapting their delivery methods to continue providing educational information to the residents of Alabama.

“This outbreak is not keeping our program teams from helping the public,” said Mike Phillips, an assistant director of Alabama Extension. “Our teams, such as the beekeeping, gardening and animal sciences and forages teams, have developed online workshops, videos, webinars, and other digital information to ensure they continue serving the public”

Beekeeping Series

The Extension beekeeping team has developed the Stay at Home Beekeeping Series. This webinar series will provide educational information for beekeepers to encourage beekeeping clubs to cancel their scheduled, on-site meetings. Visit the Stay at Home Beekeeping Series – Distance Learning for Beekeeping Clubs page for more information.



The Alabama Extension home grounds team has created several online resources for the public. The Get Outside with Alabama Smart Yards Series is an webinar that presents information on common gardening and landscaping topics. The Smart Yards Facebook Video Series will post a video each Friday of the series through the Alabama Smart Yards – Alabama Extension Facebook page. These videos will discuss the top five plants you need to know. Visit the Smart Yards Online Series page for more information about these resources.

Livestock and Forage

The animal sciences and forages team has several online resources. These allow producers to stay up to date as they move into the spring and summer management seasons.

Source: Alabama Cooperative Extension System