Gains in Large Tractor Sales during February

Dan Economy, Industry News Release

Credit: James R. Martin /

(NAFB) — February 2020 saw mixed results in overall U.S. sales of tractors and self-propelled combines. The bright spot was four-wheel-drive and 100-plus horsepower tractors, which showed healthy gains year over year. However, overall tractor and combine sales fell for February, according to the latest data from the Association of Equipment Manufacturers.

U.S. total farm tractor sales decreased 7.5 percent in February compared to last year while U.S. February self-propelled combine sales fell 21.1 percent. However, within those numbers, dealers saw a 6.2 percent gain in tractors above 100 horsepower, and a 7.3 percent rise in four-wheel-drive units. Total U.S. sales of two-wheel-drive tractors fell in February a total of 7.5 percent year over year. For Canada, four-wheel-drive tractor sales gained 43.5 percent and self-propelled combine sales fell 46.3 percent.

Curt Blades of the Association of Equipment Manufacturers, says uncertainty in global markets is being reflected in agricultural markets, which is reflected in the capital expenditure decisions, like major equipment purchases by farmers.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters