Common Mistakes for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

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Continuing her series, Cathy Isom reviews some common mistakes for growing tomatoes in containers. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

Common Mistakes for Growing Tomatoes in Containers

Growing tomatoes in containers can be incredibly rewarding or flat-out disastrous.  However, there are some common mistakes that, if they can be avoided, will vastly increase your chances of successfully growing tomatoes in containers. Such as the size of your container. Bigger is better because it will hold more soil. The more soil you have, the better the soil holds water. Consistent water and food are two of the most critical elements for happy, healthy tomato plants and large harvests. Too much water and the plants drown—too little and you get blossom end rot.

Don’t forget drainage—make sure your pot has large holes in the bottom so excess water can drain out. Be careful of overcrowding. Unless your pot is tremendous, only put one tomato plant per pot. If it’s too cold, cover your plants with clothing or plastic or bring them inside until it warms up. Another common mistake to avoid is staking or caging too late.

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