New Perennials to Look for This Year

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Cathy Isom has a bit of information about some new perennials to look for this year.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

New Perennials to Look for This Year

If you’re hoping for something a little different in the garden this year, there are some gorgeous perennials to watch for. Plant breeders have been prolific, and among plant innovators is the Proven Winners trademarked brand of plants, recognizable by their “PW” logo on many pots we see at garden centers.

You’ll want to keep your eye out for some of these descriptions, such as the Firefly Amethyst Achillea: With a height of 20 inches, it’s a shorter member of the Firefly Achillea series, with attractive pink flowers. Also known as yarrow, many varieties of Achillea can seed themselves rather invasively, which can be avoided if the flowers are removed religiously upon fading, before seedpods form. Or, the  Firefly Diamond Achillea: Long-lasting white flowers with an upright habit to 28 inches. There’s also the Firefly Peach Sky Achillea: A tall, columnar 36-inch Achillea with a blend of peach-colored blossoms with extended bloom into late summer. The Firefly Sunshine Achillea: The bright yellow flowers hold their vibrant color longer than most types, and the upright 30-inch habit holds its form well. Serendipity Allium: This onion relative with globe-shaped lavender flowers blooms in mid- to late summer with blue-green foliage.Crested Surf Athyrium fern: For shaded perennial beds, it’s described as highly ornamental, growing to 22 inches.

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