Super Fruit for the Super Bowl

Clint Thompson Fruits, Specialty Crops

There is a super fruit that Americans can’t get enough of during the Super Bowl. Cathy Isom tells us Super Bowl Sunday is famous for this popular side dish. 

During the Super Bowl, it’s no secret that chicken wings and pizza are the two most popular snacks to have on hand. But let’s not forget the super food and fruit that’s always a hit at the big game’s parties… Avocados. Or, when smashed down and mixed as a favorite dip for your chips – guacamole! Super Bowl Sunday is so famous for this popular side dish, it’s the number one avocado consumption day of the year, according to the Dallas-based trade group Avocados from Mexico. And, AFM estimates that football fans will consume an astounding 105 million pounds of avocados – mostly in the form of guacamole – during the game. It’s a good thing that nearly 300 million pounds of avocados were trucked in from Mexico about five weeks prior to this weekend. To put that into perspective, about 2.1 billion pounds were imported in 2019. Aside from guacamole, Super Bowl party goers will also enjoy avocados in a number of other recipes, including tacos, shrimp cocktail, salsa, ceviche and hummus dip, just to name a few. If you’re watching your waistline, one medium avocado is about 250 calories.