Why a Rain Garden is Needed in Your Yard

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Rain garden at work in Leominster, MA (Photo Credit – MA Watershed Coalition)

Cathy Isom looks into rain gardens and lets us know why everyone needs a rain garden in their yard. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Why a Rain Garden is Needed in Your Yard

A rain garden is designed so that the water is sent into gardens where it waters your plants or is captured in a holding spot where it can percolate out slowly. This keeps the water from going into storm drains or pooling in low areas and basically wasted.

School rain garden, Rochester, NH

Rain gardens collect rainwater from hard surfaces like your roof, driveway, or other areas prone to water channels, allowing that excess water to nourish water-loving plants and drain away without causing havoc. Whether you opt for a DIY approach or enlist the expertise of a landscape designer for the excavation and heavy lifting, integrating concrete services can enhance the durability and functionality of your rain garden. If you need to install a new driveway in your yard, it is advised to hire an Adelaide concrete contractor.


Rain gardens sent water in local aquifers, protects communities from flooding, provides important habitat for wildlife, and makes communities and properties more valuable and attractive. Before planning a rain garden in your yard, check with your local municipality for rules and regulations regarding your rain garden.

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