Hot Gardening Trends for the New Year

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Everyone has made their New Year’s resolutions, and are on their way to working toward that goal. Cathy Isom is helping those of us that have chosen to have bigger, and better gardens this year. She gives us the hot gardening trends for the new year. That’s coming up on this Land of Ours.

Hot Gardening Trends for the New Year

Younger gardeners, succulents, eco-friendliness, and “plant parenting” are shaping up as some of this year’s hot trends in gardening. Here’s what gardening trend-watchers say they see for the New Year.

More gardening and younger gardeners. Not only did lawn and garden spending set an overall record of more than $52 billion in 2018, according to the National Gardening Association’s National Gardening Survey, but participation by the Millennial generation (ages 18-34) continues to grow at a higher rate than other age groups – now equaling Gen Xers, Baby Boomers, and beyond.

Plant Parenting is another gardening trend. This is a new term catching on that refers to plant care – especially Millennials’ flourishing interest in houseplants. At least two new books include “plant parenting” in their titles, and the term is popping up throughout social media.


2020 will also see more popularity with succulents. Fleshy-leaved plants that include:  cactus, sedum, echeveria, hens and chicks, and aloe.

Another strong trend that will continue is pollinators and native plants.  One native plant that is especially trendy is milkweeds.

Garden nooks are also seeing more interest according to indoor horticulture and programs specialists.  Nooks that are typically in the shade and have comfortable seating as well as accessories that might include a water feature, a fountain, or wind chimes.

And, you’re likely to see more tropical plants, such as hibiscus, potted palms, ornamental bananas, elephant ears, and more.

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