Christmas Tree Planting After the Holidays

Dan Forestry, This Land of Ours

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Cathy Isom reviews some important steps you need to take before planting your live Christmas tree after the holidays. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Christmas Tree Planting After the Holidays

When it’s time to plant your living Christmas tree outdoors, move it outside into the shade during the day for a few days, or give it a few days in the garage, patio or shed to acclimate to the outdoor weather conditions. This helps reduce shock. Then, gradually move it back into a sunny spot.

If you plan on putting your tree into a permanent spot after you’re done with it, wait until it is hardened off and then lower it into a pre-dug hole. Fill in around the tree with garden soil – you may need to purchase some if your ground is frozen.


When planting a potted tree outside carefully remove it from the container. If the plant is root bound you may need to pull the roots gently to loosen them so they grow in the right direction after planting. Leave the soil around the tree.

Another option is to keep the tree in its container or sack until the spring thaw. Just make sure to give the tree some water and that the roots are protected with some insulation.

There’s no need to fertilize during the winter.

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