Tips to Help Maximize Greenhouse Space

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greenhouse space

Cathy Isom has some tips to help you maximize greenhouse space. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Tips to Help Maximize Greenhouse Space

The benefits of having a greenhouse can far outweigh the costs and complications of construction and care. As long as you take full advantage of every bit of growing space year-round, then you can recover your investment and even make a profit or improve your lifestyle as well.

The way to make this happen is with good design. Start with an assessment of your needs and wants. For tiny house planning, though, you have to be extremely creative to incorporate your big dreams into an intentionally small space. For a bigger greenhouse construction, you may need to seek rigging services. You may also consider enlisting the help of a crane company if you need to lift or lower objects and move them horizontally.

To maximize your greenhouse growing space, think in all directions. For example, grow up.  With hydroponic towers, planter walls, hanging plants, and more.  All can be used to take advantage of the headroom in your greenhouse. There is no reason that you can’t put raised beds in your greenhouse space or plant directly in high-quality garden soil. You just need to leave a little path space and places to stand to make watering, weeding, and harvesting easy.


A greenhouse, like any garden, needs planned paths so you don’t damage your plants getting around. Plan to put your paths to good use in more ways than one. You can expand your planting areas by using strategically spaced stepping stones in your beds.

Another way to maximize your greenhouse is to think beyond just planting more in terms of quantity. Think about saving more money by planting things that are costly to buy in the shops. Or plant things that are more difficult to find locally and save money by skipping the shipping.

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