Things You Can Repurpose as Planters

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You don’t have a lot of space to grow your vegetables. Not a problem. Cathy Isom has some fantastic suggestions about some things you can repurpose as planters. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Things You Can Repurpose as Planters

Depending on where you live and how much space you have gardening is still possible with even the tiniest of spaces. Nowadays, it seems more growing is being done in containers. And, not just your usual garden store bought containers. People are getting creative and crafty by making striking growing containers from repurposed materials.

From old wine bottles to old shoes and boots, even wheelbarrows.  IBC’s or international bulk containers once used to transport liquids is also being used for growing lots of fresh vegetables. Used ones can easily be found for $40 or less online.  Old sinks and tubs also make really cool planters. Not only can they just be straight up plant pots, but tubs can also be designed as self-wicking beds, much the same as IBC totes, to grow a full bevy of salad greens. This is a great way to use sinks and tubs that have gotten a little to worn out.

Kitchen gadgets can also be used to make planters. Perhaps the best is a colander. They can be filled with matting and used as hanging planters or a tabletop decoration.  Old wooden Pallets make awesome vertical planters. Or, picnic baskets lined with plastic sheeting and filled with potting mix. Other leftover materials great for setting up a garden in small spaces include:  cinder blocks, paint cans or tin cans, and rain gutters.

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