Nourishing Winter Plants for Birds

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Silvereye feeding on cotoneaster berries

Cathy Isom has a few tips and lets you know about some of the best and most nourishing winter plants for birds. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Nourishing Winter Plants for Birds

The long, cold winter months can be especially difficult for garden birds. Since they have to to forage in freezing temperatures for food, birds require lots of high-fat, rich food to help them stay warm. While providing food on a bird feeder is a great help, we can always do more.

A more natural way of helping is to consider planting some plants for birds that they can eat from all winter long. Many attractive plants will not only help to sustain our feathered friends but will also add color and interest to your garden during the dark winter months. Consider these best nourishing winter plants to keep the birds coming back for more.

Bird thrush on a branch of viburnum

Pyracantha, Roses, Viburnum, Sunflowers, Cotoneaster, Sorbus, Honeysuckle, Teasel, Hawthorn, Ivy, Birch, Holly, Millet, Curly Dock, Cherry and Oak Trees, Yew and Blueberry. Many evergreen plants such as juniper, cedar, spruce, hemlock, and pine are popular with birds. Their thick branches provide winter shelter from harsh conditions and determined predators.

Winter can be a difficult time for small garden birds, who need to eat almost a third of their body weight each day. By growing some, or all, of these plants, as well as providing bird seed, you can help these feathered friends survive the winter. By providing a natural source of food, you won’t just help the birds—you’ll also be adding color and interest to your garden during the quiet winter months.

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