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Mexico Says U.S. Congress Will Move on USMCA Trade Deal Soon

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(NAFB) — Mexico’s Deputy Foreign Minister for North America said Friday that he believes U.S. lawmakers will begin the process of approving the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement (USMCA) soon. He believes it will move forward in the U.S. Congress now that Mexican President Obrador has vowed to increase wages and funding for labor reforms.

A Yahoo Dot Com article says the USMCA must win approval in a divided U.S. Congress, where Republicans control the Senate and Democrats control the House.


At a news conference last week, the Deputy Foreign Minister said, “The progress made in dialogue with House Speaker Pelosi, U.S. lawmakers, and negotiators makes us think that the end to this complex story is near, that soon we’ll see the United States initiate the formal process for approving the trade deal.” Mexican President Obrador has vowed to increase wages and other labor provisions in a campaign to convince House Democrats to ratify the North American trade agreement. When reporters asked if Mexico’s push to convince U.S. lawmakers about its commitment to implement the labor reforms was working, the Deputy Minister said, “I think we’re getting there.”

President Obrador sent a letter recently to Speaker Pelosi calling for ratification “soon,” to not have the 2020 election process “Impede or delay” its finalization.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters