Growing Drumstick Plants for Year-Round Greens

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If you are searching for something different to grow, that is also healthy for you, Cathy Isom has the answer. In today’s program she tells you how to grow a drumstick plant for year-round greens. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Growing Drumstick Plants for Year-Round Greens

The Moringa Tree – also known as the drumstick plant – is the newest craze taking the health world by storm.  This amazing tree is chock-full of proteins, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants.

Moringa is a healing powerhouse, beating out kale and blueberries as a tasty superfood. It’s an anti-fungal, anti-viral, and anti-inflammatory plant that has been known as a miracle-working herbal healer for centuries.

It is a slender, fast-growing, deciduous tree native to India. If given free rein, they can grow over 40 feet tall. In contrast, in a garden or pot, they’re not likely to grow over 10 feet.


Every part of the Moringa tree is edible, but the leaves and pods are the most commonly consumed parts.

The ideal temperatures for starting Moringa seeds range from 77-95 degrees. If you’re house or yard isn’t quite that steamy, try setting your pot on a warming tray or in a bright, summer greenhouse. Soak your drumstick plant seeds for about 24 hours in tepid water. They’ll soak up as much water as they need, then you can drain them and pat them try with a soft towel. Plant seeds about an inch deep in the soil. You can plant up to 7 dwarf moringa trees in one large pot.

Most people who grow Moringa do so for the leaves and the pods. In fact, Moringa leaves are a delicious addition to meals and a nutritious boost to smoothies and herbal remedies. You can use Moringa leaves fresh or dehydrate them for later use.

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