Raised Bed Gardening Kid Friendly Veggies

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What better way to teach a child where there food comes from than in a garden. Cathy Isom tells you about some kid friendly veggies to grow in a raised garden bed. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Raised Bed Gardening Kid Friendly Veggies

Raised vegetable garden beds are the perfect way to introduce children to growing fresh food on their own. Although you can grow vegetables in a variety of ways, from containers to a traditional veggie patch, raised garden beds work much better for children.

A couple of 4 x 4 beds allow your kids to have a select space to garden on their own, and the small size is perfect for them. Consider planting some of these kid-friendly veggies to introduce the youngster in your life to growing their very own food. The traditional carrot variety, Danvers, is rich in antioxidants and kids enjoy pulling them out of the dirt during harvest season. The purple variety called Purple Dragon is also fun to grow because it’s such a fun color. Kids will love to grow grape and cherry tomatoes, too. Cucumbers is another fun one. Even if you’re kids don’t like eating them, they may enjoy pickles!


Other kid-friendly growing options include potatoes, green beans, snap peas, and bell peppers. And don’t forget lettuce. Greens are healthy, and although most kids won’t want to eat a head of lettuce directly from the garden, they make a great crop for kids to grow. They grow quickly and relatively reliably, so your children can receive quick results and learn to make salads.

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