Trump Says Tariff Income to Help Hurricane-Damaged Farms

Dan Economy, Florida, Georgia


(NAFB) — President Donald Trump told reporters Wednesday that money the U.S. receives from tariffs on China will help farmers recover from Hurricane Dorian. Trump says, “we’ve taken in many billions of dollars of tariffs from China and we will have a lot of money to be helping our farmers along the coast if they get hit.” The President made the statement as part of an update to members of the press inside the Oval Office. Trump says China has paid for most of the tariffs, adding, “We have a lot of money to help our farmers.” Trump pointed to the trade mitigation payments to farmers, as well, saying he is making up the trade war impact “dollar-for-dollar” to farmers.

The brunt of the hurricane appeared to spare Florida and was expected to travel up the Eastern Seaboard, hitting the Carolinas Thursday and Friday.

The North Carolina Agriculture Department says hurricane Dorian “creates an imminent threat of severe economic loss of livestock, poultry and crops ready to be harvested.”

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters