reasons herb garden

Reasons You Will Want to Start an Herb Garden

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reasons herb garden

Cathy Isom gives you some great uses for herbs and while you’ll want to start an herb garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Reasons You Will Want to Start an Herb Garden

Some of the reasons to grow your very own herb garden include all of the amazing ways you can use them in your kitchen in your favorite recipes or for medicinal uses. But there are so many other great uses for having your own herbs at home that you may not know of!

If you have chickens, they’ll be glad you grow herbs for a bit of fresh greenery, and you can place them in their nesting boxes. This helps to run unwanted pests away and keep your chickens healthier. Since, pests and bugs don’t like many herbs, make sure to include Mint in your garden.

If you have a root cellar or another area where mice and bugs tend to be drawn to, consider drying your herbs in these areas, or using herbs to make a spray where you can spritz the area with the scent of the herbs.


Making your own potpourri from the herbs you are growing in your garden is also a great way to save money, add a touch of home to your house, and add a nice scent to your home as well.

We all do laundry and dryer sheets are a necessary part of this task to give clothes a fresh scent while working some of the static cling out of them. You can put fresh herbs in a pillowcase and seal it. Toss the pillowcase in the dryer, and you have DIY dryer sheets with herbs.

Your mind may not go directly to herbs when trying to figure out a great, natural fire starter. However, you should consider them. Herb fire starters are great because they can be easily made, and they can also help keep bugs away if having a gathering around your firepit.

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