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State Ag Departments Want FDA Help for Hemp Industry

Dan Hemp, Industry News Release


Federal agencies are continuing to work on filing a new regulatory process for hemp products. In the meantime, state departments of agriculture officials are asking the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to create a clear regulatory framework for hemp products as quickly as possible.

The ag departments sent a series of comments to the FDA, saying that they have an immediate need for a regulatory system that all states can follow. “Hemp will only become more economically viable to American farmers and ranchers only if you develop a well-defined regulatory framework for its products. Consistency will be the key factor in helping to develop a market for this emerging industry.” The departments also reminded the FDA that if it doesn’t act on it, the cost of missing the mark will be a high one. “If no federal action is taken, states will be forced to develop regulatory structures for the products, and the result will be a patchwork and an inability to sell across state lines.”

On the consumer front, the National Association of State Departments of Agriculture also said there’s increasing confusion in retail aisles about hemp products and the terms that describe them.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters