million acres

Private Analysis Projects Corn Acres at 79.6 Million

Dan Corn, Industry News Release

million acres

(NAFB) — A private analysis of farmland predicts U.S. planted acres of corn totals 79.6 million acres this year, 89 percent of the historical norm. also projects the national average yield could reach 156 bushels per acre, following an aerial photography survey. The effort measured more than 157,000 acres across a five-state area.

AgMarket surveyed the corn crop the week before July 4th in the western Corn Belt and the week after July 4th in eastern Corn Belt. The company says the equipment used was sophisticated enough to allow analysts to count stalks and populations to determine yield potential.


Meanwhile. the Department of Agriculture in last week’s World Agriculture Supply and Demand report, estimated yield at 166 bushels per acre. USDA’s June Acreage report estimated corn acreage at 91.7 million acres. However, that report did not take into account acres not planted do to spring and summer flooding.

USDA has said it will resurvey planted acres and update the projection next month.

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters