Easiest Mushrooms for Growing at Home

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Group of yellow chanterelles in green moss

If you are looking to ear a bit of money, Cathy Isom gives you a list of the easiest mushrooms for growing at home. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Easiest Mushrooms for Growing at Home

Mushroom farming is growing in popularity because people are really starting to appreciate the delicate flavor differences in the varieties of mushrooms. You have many options when it comes to types of mushrooms you can grow. Experimenting with multiple types lets you figure out what works best for you.

Blue oysters are an easy-to-grow variety and do well outdoors or on straw logs indoors. They’re a well-known mushroom, but you can’t typically find them in the grocery store, so they can fetch a decent price. They’re an ideal option for a beginner because they’re forgiving. They have a mild flavor and tender consistency that lends well to cooking.


King oyster mushrooms are another easy to grow option, but they do best when grown in supplemented sawdust rather than straw. They are a bit more challenging to grow than blue oysters.

One mushroom that’s not easy to grow:  Chanterelles. They’re more for the farmer who is looking for a challenge or has some space to play around and see what they can produce. But if you can get them to sprout, you’ll have no shortage of buyers.

Lion’s mane mushrooms will set you apart because most consumers can’t find these beautiful fungi. They have delicate teeth, and a buttery, lobster-like flavor. Growing it will produce huge yields.

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