Some Things You Can Use as Strawberry Planters

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Strawberry plants in a terracotta pot

In todays program, Cathy Isom has several great ideas about some things you can use as strawberry planters. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Some Things You Can Use as Strawberry Planters

Strawberries are some of the best plants to grow in containers. These small plants with shallow roots can grow successfully in pots as small as 10 inches across and 8 inches deep.

When you’re choosing potential strawberry pots, select those that have good drainage. In hot climates, choose light-colored pots to reflect the sun and keep the plant cooler.

Strawberry jars are one of the most popular options for growing berries in containers. Basically, they’re tall planters with multiple holes to allow many plants to grow in one pot. Several plants with interlocking root systems can thrive in a strawberry jar.

Or, try a tube of strawberries using PVC pipe. PVC is a type of extruded plastic. A length of PVC pipe can grow an abundance of berries in a tiny space. PVC piping isn’t the most attractive option, but if you’re short on space and need to grow your berries vertically, it might be the best option. The strawberry tube is an easy, do-it-yourself project—even for a beginner! You need pipes, a drill, and your strawberry planting supplies.

A 15-inch hanging basket can hold about 4-6 strawberry plants. These plants will drape over the edges, filling the area with their luscious scent.

Hanging baskets, reclaimed antiques, old truck tires, and wheelbarrows make great planters, too.

Another way to grow strawberries vertically, is using a wooden pallet. They’re easy to find, almost indestructible, and easy to repurpose. Just avoid choosing treated pallets, as they often have toxins in the wood.

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