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Keeping a Popular House Plant Healthy and Happy

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house plant
Green chlorophytum comosum aka spider plant, airplane plant, St Bernard lily, spider ivy or ribbon plant

Cathy Isom has a few great tips for you today about how to keep a popular house plant healthy and happy. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Keeping a Popular House Plant Healthy and Happy

Spider plants have been popular house plants since the Victorian era. They’re easy to grow indoors, flourish in a wide variety of conditions and rarely have any issues. Some people call Spider plants ribbon plants or spider ivy.

A spider plant can grow in a wide variety of conditions, making it extremely easy to care for. They are known as tolerant and durable plants, and they adapt to a number of settings. However, the best conditions will help this undemanding plant thrive.

These plants tend to scorch in direct sunlight, leading to brown tips, but partial direct sunlight is also okay as long as shade in the afternoon provides relief. As houseplants, they do well in a west, north, or east-facing window.


Always water them when the plant begins to dry and allow the water to drain through the container. Houseplants will probably need to be watered around every 10-14 days, depending on how bright and warm your home is. When your plant is going through an initial growth phase, you may need to water more often. Once the plant becomes fully developed, which takes about a year, you can water moderately. Although this durable plant can survive slight drought, the most common reason spider plants die is from overwatering. This plant is susceptible to root rot if the pot becomes waterlogged, or you water it too much.

If bugs become an issue for you, there are a number of natural insecticides you can try before using harsh chemicals, especially if you have kids and animals.

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