Georgia Hemp Production Update

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We are hearing more and more about hemp production and what is taking place in various states. In Georgia, the “Hemp Farming Act” requires the Georgia Department of Agriculture (GDA) to promulgate rules regulating hemp growers and processors in the state and submit its plan to USDA for approval. According to the GDA, they are currently in the process of drafting the rules and plan, which includes posting for comments and a potential hearing of comments. They hope to have the entire process completed by October, which is when USDA has said they will start approving plans. GDA will not begin issuing hemp grower licenses until the rules are officially adopted and its plan has been formally approved by the USDA.

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As for CBD oil, it is regulated under the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). The GDA Food Safety Division adopts the Food Drug and Cosmetic Act (FD&C Act) which currently views the inclusion of CBD or hemp into a food, animal feed or dietary supplements as an adulterated product. Therefore, until FDA changes their regulations, GDA cannot license or otherwise endorse the production of CBD adulterated food or feed products.

If you would like more information, contact the Georgia Department of Agriculture office in Atlanta.