2019 Field Day: New Technology and Research

Dan Field Crops, Georgia, Industry News Release

(Sunbelt Ag Expo) — The 2019 Sunbelt Ag Expo Field Day is July 25, and farmers are invited to come and get practical information from the region’s top agricultural scientists about the newest technologies farmers can use to improve their operations.

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The half-day event will take place at the 600-acre Darrell Williams Research Farm, located at the Expo show site at Spence Field in Moultrie, Ga. Registration is free for anyone who works in agriculture, and the day starts at 7:45 a.m. with breakfast, followed by quick welcomes from the Georgia Department of Agriculture and Georgia Farm Bureau.

Shuttles will be loaded at 8:30 a.m. to tour the farm; approximately 30 stops are scheduled, with specific time allotted for each stop and crop. Farm Credit will provide water for the tour. Tour shuttles will return to the main building by noon, and Ameris Bank, Agri-Supply Co., and Pennington Seed will provide a lunch. Door prizes will be awarded, too.

“We have the unique ability to work with university and corporate researchers on our Darrell Williams Research Farm, where we continue to conduct cotton, peanut, corn, soybean and forage research — all aimed at improving the farmer’s bottom line. We look at the latest seed varieties, crop protection methods, soil fertility, irrigation and precision ag technology,” says Chip Blalock, Sunbelt Expo executive director.


“We try the latest technologies and make sure they’re ready to go to work on the farm when farmers adapt them into their operation. And in respect of farmers needing to get back to their own operations, we have streamlined the morning program to run efficiently and timely. He also encourages field day participants to visit static exhibitors in the RW Griffin building before and after the field tours.

“Our mission is to provide a place where research can be done to benefit all row crop and forage farmers — especially those who might not have the resources or land to just go out and try a new variety or technology on a hunch,” says Cody Mitchell, Sunbelt Ag Expo farm manager for the Sunbelt Ag Expo, who adds that most farmers can make two-bale cotton and 3,000-pound peanuts.

“We strive to have the best-looking farm around for field day visitors,” he says. “And we work hard all year to ensure that we make a lifelong impression on the 80,000 to 100,000 guests who come to see us during Sunbelt Ag Expo in October. When they visit here, we want it to be an eye-opening experience that’s worth their time.”

UGA researchers, Extension Specialists, and ag chemical representatives conduct numerous trials at the Sunbelt farm for all major southern agronomic crops.  To view more specific Field Day details, download the Sunbelt Ag Expo app or visit www.sunbeltexpo.com

Source: Sunbelt Ag Expo