Advanced Grazing School & Deep South Stocker Conference

Dan Cattle, Education


Southeast producers are invited to the 2019 Advanced Grazing School, July 16-17, at the Livestock Instructional Arena in Athens, GA. This will be an intense two day hands on event that overlaps with the Deep South Stocker Conference on the second day. Tentative topics for the Grazing School include:

  • Forage Systems for Stocker Cattle: Cool Season and Warm Season Systems
  • Economics of Forage Systems
  • Putting an Entire Forage System Together
  • Regenerative Grazing: Facts or Fiction?
  • Grassfed Livestock Production
  • Data Reviews
  • Supplementation Strategies
  • Producer Panel
  • Fencing and Water Systems Workshop

Then the 2019 Deep South Stocker Conference will be held on July 17-18, also at the Livestock Instructional Arena in Athens, GA. Tentative topics include:

  • Beef Cattle Outlook
  • Receiving Nutrition
  • Feedlot Feedback
  • Technologies and Strategies for Diagnosing Sick Cattle
  • Necropsy Demonstration
  • Understanding Animal Disease Chute-Side
  • What’s Going on in the Rumen?
  • Mineral Supplementation
  • BQA Transport Training