Bug That Can Be a Help to Your Crops

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Cathy Isom has a few tips, and what to look for, about the garden bug that can be a help to your crops and also a nuisance. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Bug That Can Be a Help to Your Crops

We have all heard of “pincher bugs” – but it’s really an Earwig.  Earwigs are one of the creatures which live in your garden and depending upon the time of the year and how many of them have moved in, you’ll either be glad to see them or feel as though you’re at war. 

Earwigs have a scary appearance. They’re frequently referred to as pincher bugs because they have a large set of pinchers on the front of their body. The pinchers are their method of defense against birds and predators which seek to feast on them. They also use these pinchers to catch their prey. However, they aren’t powerful enough to cause any harm to humans.


Earwigs are approximately one inch long and burgundy in color. You will also notice their tails because they resemble a claw. They have two pair of wings though earwigs rarely ever fly. Their pinchers are what they use to pull their wings away from their body if they do use them.

You may not ever see an earwig in your garden, but you’ll know whether they’re there or not by the proof left behind. Earwigs are nocturnal bugs, and are exceptionally prominent in southern climates because it’s warm and damp. These pests are also fast movers which makes it hard to keep up with them, even if you do spot one during daylight hours. They live underground by the thousands.

The main way to realize if earwigs are in your garden is by looking for damage to your plants. But their personal favorites are: flowers, lettuce, celery, and fruits.

One way Earwigs can be a help to your garden is that they love to feast on aphids.

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