White House Requests More Everglades Money

Dan Environment, Florida, Industry News Release

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Additional federal funding could be coming for Everglades restoration. The White House has revised a budget request to Congress and is seeking to provide $200 million to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers for Everglades work, a boost of $137 million from an earlier proposal.

Gov. Ron DeSantis, who has been touting the proposed 2019-2020 state budget for including $680 million for the Everglades and other water projects, said Tuesday that the “$200 million is exactly what we asked for.”


The revision was made Monday after President Donald Trump tweeted that his “Administration will be fighting for $200 million for the Army Corps Everglades restoration work this year.” The formal request reached Congress on Tuesday. In March, Trump proposed $63 million for the work.

Florida lawmakers praised the request for additional money. “Delay is not an option because our communities and the Everglades are literally dying,” Congressman Brian Mast, a Republican from Palm City, said in a statement Tuesday. “With the White House on our team, working together, I’m confident we can get this done!”

Source: News Service of Florida