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Cotton Industry Hopeful About China Trade Talks

Dan Exports/Imports, Trade


The National Cotton Council (NCC) recently joined with more than 40 other agricultural organizations in writing a letter to President Trump regarding the current trade situation with China. Reece Langley, NCC vice president of Washington Operations, is hopeful the current United States-China talks will restore normal trade relations.

Cotton Industry Hopeful with China Trade Talks

Last week, President Trump said trade talks with China “are rounding the turn” and that something “monumental” is coming in the next few weeks for both countries. During an appearance in the Oval Office with both negotiating teams, Trump said, “We have a way to go, but it’s not very far.” An Associated Press report says U.S. and Chinese negotiators dove into their ninth round of negotiations midway through last week. The report says the two countries have made significant progress on some of the more contentious issues in the discussions.