Talk of Closing Mexico Border Concerns Ag Groups

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There has been a lot in the news the past few days about President Trump’s threats to close the southern border unless Mexico takes steps to stop the illegal border crossings. And the possibility of this happening concerns many ag groups. Dairy producers point out that Mexico remains the largest export market for U.S. milk products, accounting for $1.4 billion in dairy exports last year. The National Pork Producers Council asked the Trump administration to carefully consider the fallout from cutting off trade between the U. S. and Mexico. They note U.S. pork producers and other American farmers are already facing mounting financial losses from retaliatory tariffs by Mexico and China. During a recent visit to Purdue University, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue was asked what it would mean for agriculture if President Trump carries through on his threat to close the border with Mexico.

Talk of Closing Mexico Border Concerns Ag Groups

Closing the border to Mexico would also hurt American consumers at the grocery store because nearly half of the U.S. vegetable imports and 40 percent of fruit imports come from Mexico.