Land Conservation Funding in Florida Needs Your Voice

Dan Environment, Florida, Legislative


Week four of the 2019 Florida legislative session is taking place this week in Tallahassee, and many have been busy looking over the proposed state budgets for the upcoming fiscal year rolled out last Friday by both the House and Senate. The release of those budget proposals came after House and Senate subcommittees issued pieces of the spending plans earlier last week.

But after seeing the budgets, a release from the Florida Conservation Group (FCG) notes funding for land conservation easement programs in the state is in danger. Currently, the Senate has $45 million for Florida Forever in its budget and zero for the Rural and Family Lands Protection Program (RFLPP). The House has $20 million for Florida Forever and zero for RFLPP. Thus, the FCG needs your voice in getting the message to legislators about the importance of funding these two programs.

For those not familiar with FCG, it is a landowner-based group focusing on the conservation of Florida’s ranchlands. It advocates, educates and acts as a resource on conservation programs and is advised by conservation and science experts in order to support sound, science-based land protection.

FCG notes Florida Forever and RFLPP are critical to the health of the landscape, protecting both water quality and supply for the urban areas of the state.