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Plant, Grow, and Harvest Lavender

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Cathy Isom has a few interesting tips about why you should plant, grow & harvest Lavender. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Plant, Grow, and Harvest Lavender

Aside from being a beautiful edition to your garden, there are so many reasons to love this gorgeous purple sweet smelling flower. You can cook with it, use it for medicinal purposes, decorate the dining table, or make the room feel fresh and clean. 

Lavender is a Mediterranean native that has spread across the globe thanks to its luscious scent and multiple useful properties. The fragrant herb lends itself to growing in containers or in edible landscaping, and a single mature plant can yield up to 400 stems each season.

Lavender is divided into five main groups: English, French, Hybrids, Egyptian, and Spanish. Each group is unique in their growing and climate requirements, so pick the variety that’s best suited for your garden and needs. Lavender isn’t the easiest plant to grow but it can be done.

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