Trump Budget Proposal to Include USDA Cuts

Dan Economy, Industry News Release


The Trump 2020 budget proposal will include “big cuts” to the Department of Agriculture, according to Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue. The budget request will propose cutting non-defense programs by five percent.

However, Politico reports USDA is likely to face steeper budget cuts.

Perdue noted that Congress usually disregards the president’s budget request, which in recent years has unsuccessfully called for cuts to USDA. Perdue says he would like to see the process return to a negotiation between the president and Congress, saying: “It’s like buying and selling a piece of land. You’ve got to get within the realm of negotiation there for people to take you seriously in that regard.”

The Trump administration has previously proposed large cuts to crop insurance, agriculture research and rural development.

Perdue says the budget will be conservative, but speaking of his team, says “we’ve done our best to advocate for farmers.”

Source: National Association of Farm Broadcasters