black flowers

Black Flowers to Add to Your Garden

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black flowers
Black Petunias

Everyone loves a beautiful flower garden around their home, or business. Cathy Isom begins her series on something a bit different. She gives you advice about some stunning black flowers to add to your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Black Flowers to Add to Your Garden

Flowers are known for their beauty in every color imaginable. Including the color black. Here are some stunning beauties you might consider as front or backyard favorites. 

Molly Sanderson Viola – Ruffled, velvety, deep-purple (almost charcoal in their darkness), this edible burst of night can be candied to top spooky cupcakes or tossed on beetroot and arugula salad for a stunning side dish.

Bat Orchid – Its flowers resemble a bat in flight, with ruffled wings and long, hanging filaments.These blooms love warmth and shade.

Black Dahlia – Black Dahlias are lush bundles of intensity.

Unlike so many shade-loving black flowers, dahlias soak up sunlight. Plant them in full sun and watch their color deepen under the light. 

Before the Storm Black Irises – the darkest of bearded irises, moderately-sized, and extremely hardy; these black beauties will thrive beside lilies and poppies.

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