Celebrating National Apricot Day

Dan Fruits, This Land of Ours


Cathy Isom has us celebrating a popular summer fruit that is recognized in the winter. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours. 

Apricots ripen in the early summer, but they’re quite commonly dried so that way we can enjoy them year round.  Apricot lovers recognize today as National Apricot Day.

The apricot’s velvety flesh is similar to that of their relative the peach. The texture of the golden-orange fruit is more firm and the flavor more tart than its cousin. This versatile fruit is enjoyed fresh, canned and dried. 

The apricot tree can grow to 45 feet if left unpruned. It produces white, pink or red blossoms and is a winter hardy tree. However, early frosts can damage the fruit. 

Fresh apricots are packed with nutrients, including lots of Vitamins A, C, B-6, Magnesium, Iron and Calcium. They are also an excellent source of fiber.

Perfect for snacking, apricots are best fresh off the tree but are also found in markets the year round.  Dried, they are delicious in healthy granola or a salad.

I’m Cathy Isom…