Building a Mini Greenhouse with CD Cases

Dan This Land of Ours

Credit: Pinterest

Cathy Isom gives us a nifty way to recycle those old CD covers right in your garden.  That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

You can make your own mini greenhouse by using things that you already have around your house that are most likely collecting dust.  Like empty plastic CD covers, for example.

To make a mini greenhouse, you’ll need 24 cases, some glue, an efficient glue gun like the ones at Glue Guns Direct preferably, and some clear packing tape, or whatever is handy.

Start by build two pairs of identical walls. The first pair is 2 cases wide by two cases high, and the long walls are 3 cases wide by 2 cases high. Keep the cases closed and glue them end to end. That way, you end up with double-paned walls for extra insulation against the cold. For the top, take 4 cases and open them up. Glue the sides together, but do not glue the hinges. You want the whole top to still move around the hinges. That will be the door.

Put the walls up, using tape to hold them together while you work. Then, glue the edges. Remove the tape once the glue has dried completely. Finally, glue the top. The top will be wider than the box.

Get more detailed instruction, with more images here.

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