Houseplants Safe for Dogs

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Cathy Isom fills you in about some gorgeous houseplants that are safe for your favorite four-legged friends. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

It’s pretty common for dogs, especially pups, to chew on our houseplants. Avoid potential catastrophe by only keeping non-toxic plants in the house.

Staghorn ferns on tree in nature garden

There are many. Such as Tillandsias. Or, these common fern plants:  Boston Fern, Staghorn Fern, and Maidenhair Fern.  Dwarf Olive Trees and Orchids are safe, too. Or herbs, like Rosemary. This also happens to be a common additive in many commercial dog foods. Bamboo. Hey, if it can feed a Panda, it’s probably not bad for dogs, too. There are over 15-hundred varieties and some can produce flowers. And speaking of flowers, Bromeliads and Lipstick Plants are pet friendly. So are Cast Iron Plants and Burro’s Tail Succulents. You also can’t go wrong with Pet Grass. A common snack for animals as it helps to provide many vital digestive enzymes.

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