Add Vibrant Colored Veggies to Your Garden

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Cathy Isom gives you a few of the healthful benefits of adding vibrant colored veggies to your garden. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Add a little magic to your garden by planting vegetables that are purple. Not only will they add aesthetic beauty to your garden, they are easy to grow, and they’re really good for you!

Purple veggies contain Anthocyanins, which are water-soluble pigments. It makes plants turn red in acidic soil, blue in neutral soil, and yellow in alkaline soil.Just a warning, some of the veggies may turn green when cooked.

Anthocyanins are also antioxidants, which means these vegetables may be healthier for you since they help reduce body inflammation. Chronic inflammation is one of the major causes of disease, from type 2 diabetes to heart disease, asthma, arthritis, and even cancer. Their benefits don’t stop with human wellbeing either.

Purple plants are good for your garden because their deep hues attract pollinators. Bees in particular are especially attracted to purple and blue. On tomorrow’s This Land, the purple veggies you should consider planting in your garden.

I’m Cathy Isom…