christmas trees

Harvesting Homegrown Christmas Trees

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christmas trees

Cathy Isom has taken us through each step of raising Christmas trees. In this program she gives us a few great pointers on how to harvest a Christmas tree. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Most people opts for a six to seven-foot Christmas tree. Growing a tree to this height can take approximately six to nine years to accomplish. When your tree has reached the height you desire, you know you’re ready for harvest. However, if you’re raising Christmas trees for profit, cutting them down when they’re anywhere from six to nine feet tall would be best. When you are ready to harvest your tree, use a handsaw or chainsaw and cut it at the base. Then, soak it in water immediately to keep it from scabbing over and resealing.

Let’s say you must harvest your Christmas trees a little earlier than the holidays. How do you keep the trees without it being necessary to soak them in water the whole time until you’re ready to use them?  You can cut the trees down a little earlier and not put them in water. Yet, when you go to use them be sure to take a small slice from the trunk of the tree.This slice will reopen the trunk and allow the tree to absorb water again. Growing your own Christmas tree can be a long time investment, but one which could be worth it if you and your family have the room and would enjoy the challenge.

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