Celebrating National Pickle Day

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celebratingCathy Isom fill us in about celebrating a popular snack food that Americans eat more than 5-millions pound worth every year. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Celebrating National Pickle Day

Today is National Pickle Day. Whether you prefer them Dill, Gherkin, Brined, Kosher Dill, Polish, or Bread and Butter, just to name a few, there’s probably a good chance you have a jar or two in your pantry or refrigerator.

Pickles have been around for thousands of years, dating back to 2030 B.C. It’s said that Cleopatra attributed her good looks to her beloved diet of pickles. They’re a great snack, low in calories and a good source of vitamin K, though they can be high in sodium.

Each year, Americans consume more than 5.2 million pounds of pickles. A rising trend in the United States is deep-fried pickles which have a breading or batter surrounding the pickle spear or slice and can be found at many restaurants, county fairs, and festivals.

A medium size pickle, about 3 and 3/4 long, will only cost you a mere 7 calories if you’re watching your nutrition closely.

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