A Beautiful Plant You Can Grow at Home

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plantIn the first of her series, Cathy Isom tells you about the beautiful plant, with a lot of uses, that you can grow at home. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

A Beautiful Plant You Can Grow at Home

Bamboo has so many uses: as part of our stir-fries;  as material for cutting boards; or for flooring, toothbrushes or furniture. It can also be found in clothing, paper products, and lampshades. Bamboo can be made into chopsticks, tiki torch stands or a wall screen.

Bamboo can be grown outdoors throughout most of the United States, and there is always the option of having it as a potted plant. More relevant when choosing a site is to consider its ability to spread.

Running bamboos are often regarded as invasive because they can take over an area quickly. So, it’s important to have some sort of containment plan with it. There are some practical, natural ways to contain running bamboo, but many people instead choose to make underground — about two-feet deep — barriers to stop it from spreading. Streams, ponds, and wide pathways, such as a driveway, can also help with keeping it only where it is wanted.

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