Benefits of Fall Planting of Fast-Growing Trees

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Cathy Isom gives us some of the benefits of planting fast-growing trees in the Fall. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Benefits of Fall Planting of Fast-Growing Trees

Nuttall oak is one of the most common oaks of the Arkansas lowlands and it makes an excellent landscape tree.
(Image courtesy Gerald Klingaman)

If you are looking for all the benefits of having big, beautiful trees in your yard, but don’t want to wait decades to reap those benefits, there are dozens of trees that you should consider. Find a list of the fastest growing trees below.

Whether it’s for extra privacy, food, protection against poor air quality, shade, or you just adding some beautification to your outdoor space, there’s a tree that fits the bill.
First a little bit of research is needed. For example, picking a variety that will best serve your needs and won’t cause problems down the road. Also, knowing which trees that will grow the best based on your location and Hardiness zone. Fall is actually the best time to plant trees, since there’s little risk for severely hot weather that might stress saplings. The seasons moderate rainfall and mild weather help encourage root growth.
Keep in mind, however, that you should avoid planting too late in the season to prevent stunted roots and frost damage.

List of Fast Growing Trees:

Freeman’s Maple
Hybrid Poplar
Tulip Tree
Eastern Redbud
Sweet Bay Magnolia
Shamel Ash
Nuttall Oak
Eucalyptus Gunnii
Leyland Cypress
Pecan Tree
River Birch
Paper Birch
Red Maple
Silver Maple
Mountain Ash
Bald Cypress
Palo Verde
Japanese Pagoda Tree
Dawn Redwood
Chilean Mesquite
Strawberry Tree
Royal Empress
American Elm
Green Ash
Weeping Willow
Cherry Laurel
Lombardy Poplar

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Image credits: (feature) Eucalyptus Gunnii / By Wouter HagensOwn work, Public Domain, Link
(bottom right) Nuttall Oak tree / uacescommFlickr