Hurricane Michael May Cause Problems for Southeast Crops

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michaelTropical Storm Michael has formed in the Gulf of Mexico. It now is threatening the United States Gulf Coast and a few major crops. Storm surge, heavy rain and strong winds are possible on Wednesday and Thursday this week. The storm is coming at a poor time for cotton, peanut and pecan farmers.

Michael May Cause Problems for Southeast Crops

Heavy winds could cause havoc to the pecan crop because trees are loaded and some are ready to be harvested.

In the Southeast, weather has been ideal for the peanut harvest with hot dry (sometimes too dry) conditions. The storms in North Carolina and South Carolina have caused some peanuts to be lost; some estimate 25 to 30 percent loss in the North Carolina crop.

Georgia, Florida and Alabama could use a shower, but not a lot of rain. Three to 5 inches could delay farmers a long time in the field, right in the heart of the Peanut Belt.

Weather is also impacting the peanut harvest in the Southwest in Texas and especially in Oklahoma. They have been getting rain for the last two days and are expecting more in the next two days.