Agri View: Mixed Commodity Prices

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commodityEverett Griner talks about seasonal changes having an impact on commodity prices in today’s Agri View.

Mixed Commodity Prices

You know, it’s not just the tariff situation that has an impact on agriculture and the farm economy. There is farm credit. Some high-up officials, that deal with the problem every day, are inclined to believe that high interest rates and rising fuel costs are two of the issues that are likely to impact agriculture in the days ahead.

Here is what they see. Corn and soybean prices are likely to show some strength, which will add a little to the profit line. But that would very likely cause a slight decline in livestock prices. Anytime grain prices go up, the added cost of feed takes a toll on livestock prices.

These changes are part of what drives interest rates and fuel prices up. Besides that, we don’t know about what lies in the tariff situation.

All these factors have impact on agriculture.

That’s Agri View for today. I’m Everett Griner…