summer business meeting

Cattlemen Hold Successful Summer Business Meeting

Dan Cattle, Industry News Release

summer business meeting

Courtesy NCBA

More than 700 cattle industry leaders from across the country took part in the Cattle Industry Summer Business Meeting last week in Denver, summer business meetingColorado. During the event, the National Cattlemen’s Beef Association’s (NCBA) board of directors formally adopted policy positions on issues like international trade, the regulation of fake meat, and modernizing the Endangered Species Act.

Joint Committees and Subcommittees met to develop proposals for 2019 checkoff-funded research, education and promotion programs. Also, NCBA policy committees met to determine priorities and discuss strategies for the coming year.

In a release, NCBA President Kevin Kester said “America’s top cattle producers came together and worked hard to ensure that our industry continues to provide the world with the best, safest, and most nutritious protein possible.” He said “We’ve made a lot of progress already this year, and we’re ready to continue working for the proper regulation of fake meat, legislation that finally modernizes the Endangered Species Act, and a final Farm Bill that includes all of our priorities.”