EU Insists Agriculture Not a Part of Trade Truce with Trump

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The European Union (EU) says that the proposed trade talks with the United States wouldn’t include farming.

The website Business Times Dot Com says this directly contradicts what President Donald Trump says.
An EU Commission spokeswoman says they’ve been very clear on that fact. The spokeswoman adds that agriculture is not part of it, only the things that were specifically mentioned in the statement that came out Thursday. “The joint statement shows no mention of agriculture, as such you’ll see a mention of farmers and a mention of soybeans, which are part of the discussion,” says Mina Andreeva. “That is part of the discussion and we will follow up on that.”

The EU clarification comes one day after the president called the agreement a “major victory for U.S. farmers,” who’ve seen plummeting exports due to Washington’s trade policies. Trump told a rally in Iowa that “We’ve just opened up Europe for you farmers.”

The EU may be feeling pressure to emphasize that there was no farming concession made to Trump because of opposition in Europe to more genetically modified imports from America.

From the National Association of Farm Broadcasting News Service.