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Florida Gubernatorial Candidates Should Show Farmers Respect, Get Facts Straight

Dan Industry News Release

gubernatorialJohn S. Hundley, Vice President of family-owned Hundley Farms and President of EAA Farmers, Inc. issued the following statement:

“The display at Wednesday night’s Florida Democratic gubernatorial debate was shameful. While the candidates on stage were trying to one up each other to score cheap political points by maligning Florida farmers, we were hard at work past sundown growing the food to feed their families. In their ignorance, they aimed squarely at the same farmers that supply our nation with more sweet corn and fresh winter vegetables than any other area in America.  Perhaps if they ever took the time to visit rural Florida, they’d be able to get their facts straight.  And the next time they charge an arm and a leg at their high-priced donor dinners, they should remember that we are the Florida farmers who put the food on their plates.”