ELD Mandates, Excluding Livestock, Effective June 18

Dan Alabama, Industry News Release

The deadline for transporters of agricultural commodities, excluding livestock, to obtain an electronic logging device (ELD) is June 18.

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA), exemptions include those transporting agricultural commodities within 150 air miles. Motor carriers utilizing the agricultural commodities exemption — like other hours of service rule exemptions — are excluded from ELD requirements if they do not operate outside the 150-mile radius more than eight of every 30 days.

The FMCSA webpage at fmcsa.dot.gov/ag explains agriculture exemptions, rule applicability toward agriculture and how to use ELDs when operating under agricultural exceptions.

Questions? Contact the Alabama FMCSA office at (334) 290-4954.

From Marlee Moore, Alabama Farmers Federation