Celebrating National Cheese Day

Dan Dairy, This Land of Ours

celebratingToday we are celebrating a food that comes in many forms, shapes and flavors. Cathy Isom fills us in about a day dedicated to cheese. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Celebrating National Cheese Day

June 4th is National Cheese Day. There are many food holidays that are dedicated to dishes with cheese. Today we honor only cheese. It’s an ancient food made of milk. It goes in a wide range of flavors, textures and even forms. Milk from goats, cows, sheep, and buffalo, is used for cheese production. Different spices, fruit, and even wood smoke, are used as flavor agents that give cheese unique taste and texture.

Cheese is high in fat, calcium and protein. It’s very healthy, but don’t forget to consume it thoughtfully. The best way to eat cheese is to serve it on a cheese plate with pears, grapes, olives, and tomatoes. It’s great when it’s paired with a white or red wine.

Never serve cheese cold. Let is stand for about half an hour at room temperature. Warm cheese has better texture and flavor. However you decide to celebrate cheese today, whether trying a new recipe or trying a cheese type you’ve never heard of before, use the hashtag #NationalCheeseDay when posting on social media.

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