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Liquid Fertilizer Made From Waste

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liquid fertilizerWhy go to the local store and buy liquid fertilizer when you can make it yourself a lot easier, and cheaper. Cathy Isom has some awesome tips about making your own fertilizer out of household waste. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Liquid Fertilizer Made From Waste

Take a look around your kitchen and chances are you already have the right ingredients to make your own ‘natural’ liquid fertilizer for your garden. All that’s needed is to get more in tune with your household waste. Such as your used coffee grounds. Or, Banana peels. Soak in water for a couple of days and make an infused water to give to the plants.

Wood ash from real firewood is especially good for tomato plants.

Have a fish tank? The soiled water is a great source of nutrients for garden plants. Just be aware of any chemicals that have been added to the tank water. If it’s been treated with non-organic stuff, it might be better not to use it on the garden.

Freshly cut grass soaked in water or rainwater for a few days is also a great nitrogen and phosphorus-rich liquid fertilizer.

Using a combination of these things can be great for your garden and also save you some money. Win-Win!

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