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Celebrating National Wine Day

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national wineToday is the day you get to pop the cork on your favorite bottle of wine and enjoy. Cathy Isom lets you know why today is a good day to celebrate with the wine you love. That’s coming up on This Land of Ours.

Celebrating National Wine Day

Every year on May 25th its NATIONAL WINE DAY. Not to be confused with its sister holiday in February – which is National Drink Wine Day.

There are many ways to celebrate, including getting to know this favorite evening time beverage a little bit better. Wine has been an important part of human history and culture for thousands of years. The oldest bottle of wine ever discovered by archaeologists dates back to 325 AD!

Wine is made from fermented grapes or other fruits. During the fermentation processes, yeast consumes the sugars in the grapes converting it into alcohol. Different grapes produce different wines. There are more than 10,000 grape varieties worldwide. Winemakers will combine different wines to create more complex flavors. Wines made from fruit or honey are often named according to the variety of fruit used, making them ideal additions to luxurious gift hampers canberra.

Regardless if you prefer Red, white, pinot, or cabernet, everyone an appreciate today’s celebration. Reminisce with family and friends over a glass of wine. Enjoy wine with a favorite meal.

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